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  商品編號: xyzall0603
  商品名稱: 最新版 CyberLink Director Suite 4.0 訊連創意導演組合包
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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最新版 CyberLink Director Suite 4.0 訊連創意導演組合包
Big thanks to: sledge101 for his great knowledge. And CORE for the keygen.

- Uninstall all previous versions, including all leftovers.
- Normally I've already generated one serial from CORe keygen and inserted it in Custom.ini in the main directory of DS4. That serial you place in Custom.ini and the one you will use for activation has to be the same! You have the following options:

- Don't edit Custom.ini in CDS4 Retail Setup folder. Just open it copy CD key into CORE keygen serial part.
- Or, Generate your personal serial from keygen and paste it on Custom.ini in the main directory of DS4 (MyCDKey part) and save it. Don't close the keygen, you will use the same serial when manual activation prompted.

- All apps in the suite will be validated with the same serial you use in Custom.ini.
- In other words, you will not need to insert any serial to activate.
- Install CDS4.
- After install, do not open it. After installation same process goes in like DS3.
- Go to registry and edit the following path: (Run regedit.exe)

Edit PD14  ---> UserReg --->  Product Activate --> change to LocalServer --> Save .


Change Prod_activate from OnlineCheck to LocalServer

- The above must be done for both PDIR14 and PD7. (Must be LocalServer)
- After you're done installing. Open PDIR14 first:

- Now import a MKV to get manual activation. When prompted, remember the serial you place in Custom.ini in the main directory of DS4. Paste it into manual activation dialog.
- From keygen click on "Get Activation Code". After activation code generated copy it back to activation dialog. This way codecs will be enabled.

- Same activation stands for other apps in the Suite as well. CD, AD, PD will not require anything to activate.

More info on how to perform manual activation:

- Run Power Director > Import any .mkv file to initiate the activation dialog. 
- Click "I don't have an interent connection now.
- In the activation dialog click the link and then copy it before it changes in your browser's address bar. It should look like this:

- Now paste that link into the keygen and hit 'gen activation paste that code into the dialog
- In the keygen click "Add Online Activation"

Please note, If you have previously installed Cyberlink you may have to delete the following directories: 

where XXXXX is your user name as well as these registry keys:


Please pay attention! The most important thing to remember:

- The serial you generated from CORE keygen must be the same you place in Custom.ini in the main setup directory of Director Suite 4!!! Otherwise you can't activate it manually.