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  商品名稱: 麻省理工開放課程: 8.02SC 電和磁 英語發音 僅于電腦播放 DVD
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麻省理工開放課程: 8.02SC 電和磁 英語發音 僅于電腦播放 DVD



這個課程和MIT 8.02 電和磁是不同的。


1.The Electric Field due to Two Point Charges.

2.The Electric Field of a Line of Charge.

3.A Solid Metal Sphere

4.A Slab of Charge

5.An Electric Dipole

6.Electron Moving in an Electric Field

7.Conducting Spherical Shell Carrying Charge,,with a Point Charge at the Center.

8.Calculating the Potential of a Semi-circular Rod by integeration.

9.The Electric Field and Potential of Conducting Cylindrical Shell Carrying Charge.

10.Two Metal Spheres Far Apart at the same Potential.

11.The Potential of Two Opposite Charge.

12.Parallel Plate Capacitor

13.Capacitors in Series and in Parallel.

14.Capacitance of a Spherical Capacitor.

15.Parallel Plate Capacitor with a Variable Gap.

16.Capacitor with Dielectric

17.A Cylindrical Capacitor with and without Dielectric.

18.Current and Current Density.

19.The Electric Field and Resistivity of a Wire.

20.Charging and Discharging a Battery.

21.A Multi-battery, Multi-resistor, Mutil-loop Circuit.

22.Current and Potential Differences in a Mutil-loop Circuit with a Switch.

23.Discharging a Capacitor

24.Electron Gyrating in a Magnetic Field.

25.Mass of an Isotope

26.Force on a Wire in a Magnetic Field.

27.Torque on a Current Loop

28.Magnetic Interaction of a Wire and a Rectangular Loop.

29.Magnetic Field in the Center of a Rectangular Wire Loop.

30.The Field of Two Semi-circles from Boit--Savart.

31.Using Ampere_s Law to Find the Field of a Metallic Cylinder and Cylindrical Shell.

32.Magnetic Field

33.Wire with Varying Current Density.

34.Magnetic Field from Moving Sheets of Charge,and from a Rotating Cylindrical Shell of Charge.

35.Induced Current due to a Time-Changing Megetic Field.

36.A Loop of Wire Moving in A Non-Uniform B Field.

37.Magnetic Flux due to an Infinite Wire through a Rectangluar Loop.

38.The Displacement Current

39.Comparing the Displacement Current to the Conduction Current in a Wire.

40.An Argument for the Displacement Current Term.

41.Faraday_s Law Applied to Circuits

42.Lightly Damped Undriven RLC Circuits

43.Driven RLC Circuits

44.An RLC Circuit

45.A Driven RLC Circuit

46.Another Driven RLC Circuit

47.An RLC Circuit at Resonance

48.A Driven RLC Circuit 1

49.Pressure Due to a Magnetic Field in a Solenoid.

50.The Inductance of Two Co-axial Cables.

51.An LC Circuit

52.A Step-Up Transformer

53.An Unusual RLC Circuit

54.An Electromagnetic Plane Wave

55.Spherical Waves

56.Radiation Pressure

57.Radiation Pressure from the Sun.

58.Solar Sailing

59.Standing Waves