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  商品名稱: WinZip v21.0 Build 12288 正式版-簡體中文/繁體中文/英文
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DVD11036--3DF Zephyr Aerial 4.300 x64
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WinZip v21.0 Build 12288 正式版-簡體中文/繁體中文/英文
WinZip是Windows系統中最受歡迎的檔案壓縮工具也是一個強大而易用的工具.它可以迅速壓縮和解壓您的檔案以節省磁盤空間或是減少電子郵件傳輸時間,此外 WinZip支持128位和256位AES加密功能,讓使用者在傳遞具有高度機密性的數據能夠不易讓其它人輕易解檔.WinZip是世界各國數以千計的政府機關、教育單位、銀行電信、公司與組織及無數的普通用戶所愛好喜用的壓縮工具.

WinZip v21.0 Build 12288 正式版-簡體中文/繁體中文/英文

WinZip Pro 不僅為您帶來 WinZip 標準版的全部功能,而且還提供…

把文件刻錄到 CD/DVD/Blu-ray 並且輕鬆上傳至 FTP
支持Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows Server 2016

ENHANCED! MP3 Compression
Keep more music on your phone or on a cloud service, or share playlists more easily, with enhanced MP3 compression. WinZip 21 compresses your MP3 files by 15 – 20% on average with no loss in quality thanks to the enhanced Zipx format.

NEW! Access all your accounts
If you have work and personal accounts on the same cloud or IM services, now you can add and access all of them in WinZip. You no longer need to log in and out depending on which accounts you want to use. Add up to 16 accounts, give them unique names to distinguish them and enjoy easy access to your files for any of the many services supported by WinZip 21.
Pro and Enterprise only.

NEW! Combined Address Book
Email and share more easily directly from WinZip's internal emailer to any of your contacts with the new Combined Address Book. Add contact information from your email accounts, multiple social media services and local contact directories so you no longer need to go outside WinZip to find the address you need.

NEW! Create individual Zip files for streamlined sharing
Sometimes you want to access just one file in a large, multi-file Zip. With WinZip 21, you have the flexibility to move selected files to individual zip files with optional encryption. That means you no longer need to download an entire Zip when using your phone to access files in the cloud, you can simply download the individual zip file that you need.

NEW! Send What feature
Share all or only the selected files you want to send with this handy feature. Once you review or change the contents of your Zip and click Send selected files, you can choose whether to send individually selected files or the entire Zip.

NEW! Share Converted files
Avoid added clutter by sharing files without having to save them first. Previously, when using WinZip's conversion options, like converting to PDF or adding watermarks, you would need to overwrite the existing file or save the converted file, then find, share and delete it. Now, simply share your converted file by email, IM, social media or the clipboard and the temporary file is deleted after sharing.

NEW! Files Pane Swipe
Easily expand or revert the Files Pane just by swiping.

NEW! Add a Network Location
Now you can access a network location from another domain without leaving WinZip. Any network you have access to can be added to the WinZip Files Pane, even if it is not included in the list of available networks in Windows under the Network folder.

NEW! See image information in the Preview Pane
Get all the information you need about an image, right in WinZip 21. Click the new Image Information button in the Preview Pane to view a dialog that includes height, width, pixels per inch, pixel depth/colors, file size and more.
Pro and Enterprise only