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  商品名稱: WinZip Mac 5.0.3160 MacOSX多語言中文註冊版附註冊機
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WinZip Mac 5.0.3160 MacOSX多語言中文註冊版附註冊機
WinZip是具有獨創性且全球最受歡迎和信賴的文件壓縮軟件。它可提供其他任何壓縮實用軟件所不具備的易用性、全面的功能集以及提高工作效率的途徑,這使WinZip 成為業界的黃金標準。使用WinZip,您可以快速壓縮和解壓縮文件,節省存儲空間、提高電子郵件發送速度並縮短文件上載/下載時間。WinZip還提供保護敏感數據的強大AES 加密功能、將文件打包成便利壓縮包(由於減小了文件大小而提高了通過電子郵件發送的速度)的功能以及防止數據丟失的自動數據備份功能。

WinZip Mac 5.0.3160 MacOSX多語言中文註冊版附註冊機



Zip unzip, email and share to Dropbox and Google Drive directly with WinZip® on your Mac. Designed specifically for OS X versions 10.7 and later, WinZip for Mac is packed with tools to maximize your productivity and minimize file sizes. Share more, store more and do more with WinZip Mac Edition.

WinZip Mac 5.0.3160 MacOSX多語言中文註冊版附註冊機

• Zip and unzip files instantly
• Protect confidential files with strong AES encryption
• Share directly to Dropbox and Google Drive
• Send large files fast with easy sharing tools

Main Features:
Zip files to save space and send faster emails:
• Compressing files saves valuable storage space, decreases file upload/download times, and lets you send faster, more efficient emails.
• Reduce file sizes to fit more in an email, on your hard drive, or on portable media
• Create a variety of compressed file formats including .zipx, WinZip's smallest file size to date
• Back up your photos and projects and fit more onto CDs or DVDs using the 『Zip and Burn' feature
• Use Mac's 『Quick Look' tool so you can browse the contents of a Zip file before you decide whether to unzip it

Share zipped files between Mac and PC:
• Designed specifically for OS X users, WinZip Mac Edition helps you over the hurdle of sharing or receiving compressed folders or archives from PC users.
• Extract content from the industry's widest selection of compressed file types, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, and WAR files
• Email Zip files directly from the WinZip window using Mac's built-in Mail tool
• Specify if you want to include or omit Mac-specific hidden files when zipping and sending files to Windows and Linux users
• Enjoy support for OS X application bundles (.app), with the option to view package contents before unzipping

Secure confidential information:
• Whether you are sharing important documents with colleagues, uploading sensitive files to the Internet, or storing entire archives at home, WinZip is the perfect solution for protecting your information from unauthorized access.
• Keep files completely secure with strong, 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption
• Password-protect files and email attachments as you zip them
• Apply a password to a specific file within a Zip file to prevent unwanted access

Package and share files with ease:
• Share files with confidence, knowing that they are smaller, safer and more manageable.
• Send hassle-free email attachments that won't bounce
• Organize and zip files into compact, logical groups that are ideal for sharing
• Share high-resolution photos in a snap—WinZip automatically resizes and compresses digital images before attaching them to your email
• 『Zip and Email' feature lets you compress and send files and folders directly from the WinZip window without opening your email application
• Shrink files for faster, easier transfer to portable data storage devices