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Screen Capture Pro


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  商品名稱: Screen Capture Pro 2.5.0 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac屏幕錄製工具
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Screen Capture Pro 2.5.0 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac屏幕錄製工具
Screen Capture Pro是一Mac系統上非常有用的屏幕錄製和在線視頻錄製工具。您可以錄製在線視頻,在線音頻,質量非常好。您可以錄製高品質的屏幕畫面。它支持的音頻記錄,並添加您的徽標或簽名。您可以記錄計算機音頻和錄製在線視頻。您可根據要求,設置錄製視頻類型,並選擇音頻設備。

Screen Capture Pro 2.5.0 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac屏幕錄製工具

Screen Capture Pro主要功能





1: 同時支持全局鍵盤輸入 command+shift+2 進行錄製和停止。

2  捕獲桌面、視頻時候支持 command+shift+S 去選擇需要錄製的窗口

3. 支持錄製電腦本身發出的聲音,這個功能對於捕獲遊戲背景音樂,視頻聲音非常有用,推薦使用。

Screen Capture Pro 2.5.0 MacOSX 註冊版-Mac屏幕錄製工具

Screen Capture Pro is a very handy screen capturing software on Mac to help users record the computer screen and save them as video to share with others. It's one of the best screen recording tool on Mac for you to record online videos or make video demos and you are able to upload your screencasts to Facebook/YouTube directly from the app.

Key Features:
– Use『Full Screen'to record everything on your computer screen
– Use『Select Screen'to select and record a specific area of your computer screen
– Use『Fix Window'to select and record a specific application window
– Capture as many videos as you want
– Make your voice narration when recording computer screen
– Record online video & video call with audio playing on the computer
– Set timer to stop recording automatically
– Add a logo or text watermark to make your own video demo
– Set the resolution and frame rate for the output captured video
– Trim the captured video to remove the parts you don't like
– Capture cursor of mouse movement to record what you do on the screen
– Save your screencasts as videos or upload to YouTube/Facebook directly
– Use shortcuts to control recording much more easily

Version 2.5.0
-Fix bug to compatible with Mac OS X EI Capitan.