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  商品編號: MED2080
  商品名稱: MVP Loops Blaze Vol.3 音色素材
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
DVDXX14017--張國榮音樂合集1978-2007(09) 2004-Leslie BELOVED[環球]3CD//2004-LESLIE[環球復黑王]//2004-SALUTE[環球復黑王]//2004-Summer Romance'87[環球復黑王]//2004-一片癡][華星DSD版]//2004-張國榮演唱會88'[環球復黑王]2CD//2004-情人箭[環球復黑王]//2004-為你鐘情[華星DSD版]//2004-風繼續吹[華星DSD版]
BD5014006--蔡琴演唱會藍光原盤(1) 2007.蔡琴.《不了情》經典歌曲香港演唱會
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DVDXX14009--張國榮音樂合集1978-2007(01) 1978-DAYDREAMIN'[Polydor]//1979-情人箭[Polydor]//1983-一片癡[華星]//1983-風繼續吹[華星]//1984-LESLIE(MONICA)[華星]//1984-LESLIE[華星][Japan]//1985-全賴有你(夏日精選)[華星]//1985-全賴有你(夏日精選)[華星][Japan]//1985-為你鐘情[華星]//1985-為你鐘情[華星][Japan]//1986-Stand up[華星]//1986-愛火[華星][Japan]//1987-Dance & Remix 傳奇[新寶藝]//19
MVP Loops Blaze Vol.3 音色素材

Blaze Vol 3 is back for round 3...A buffet for the modern urban producer.

Blaze Vol 3 contains 10 total loop sets with a combination of Hip Hop, Pop,

and RnB loop sets. Blaze Vol 3 is perfect for the producer that has multiple

styles that he needs to produce in the urban genres. From swagged out

anthems to dance joint Blaze has that heat! Mix and match loops to create

tons of new music ideas. The loops are formatted in acidized wav, apple,

and rex loop format. All key and tempos are provided for ease of use.

Product Stats:

*10 multi-track construction loop sets

*44.1 khz/24 bit - Acid/ Wav Loops, Aiff/Apple Loops, REX/Rx2 Loops Files

*All MVP Loops sample packs are Royalty Free


*WAV Loops

*Apple Loops

*REX Loops

*Fruity Loops