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  商品編號: MED2064
  商品名稱: New Atlantis Audio Project ECHO REASON REFiLL
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
DVDXX13989--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(01) 1979.蔡琴.出塞曲 飛躍復刻版//1981.蔡琴.你的眼神 飛躍復刻版//1981.蔡琴.秋瑾 飛躍復刻版//1982.蔡琴.再愛我一次 飛躍復刻版//1982.蔡琴.李建復.一千個春天 四海首版//1982.蔡琴.藍色的夢 飛躍復刻版//1983.蔡琴.不了情//1983.蔡琴.不了情 日本天龍版//1983.蔡琴.世界名曲專輯 飛躍復刻版//1983.蔡琴.情是什么 飛躍復刻版//1983.蔡琴.昨夜之燈 飛躍復刻版//1983.蔡琴.神秘女郎 日本天龍版//1984.蔡琴.此情可待 日本三洋版//1984.蔡琴.此情可待 珍藏版//1984.蔡琴.此情可
DVDXX13990--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(02) 1985.蔡琴.老歌 飛碟燙金珍藏版//1986.蔡琴.人生就是戲 飛碟首//1986.蔡琴.傷心小站 日本三洋版//1986.蔡琴.傷心小站 飛碟首版//1986.蔡琴.名曲精選1 日本天龍版//1986.蔡琴.老歌 日本三洋首版//1987.蔡琴.名曲精選2 日本天龍版//1987.蔡琴.懷念金曲精選 2CD//1987.蔡琴.時間的河 飛碟首版//1988.蔡琴.名曲精選3 日本天龍版//1988.蔡琴.懷念老歌珍藏版 日本天龍版//1988.蔡琴.火舞 T111-01膠圈版//1988.蔡琴.老歌 日本三洋B版//1989.蔡琴.巨星名曲1//
DVDXX14018--張國榮音樂合集1978-2007(10) 2005-Final Collection[環球]8CD//2005-SALUTE(XRCD)[Japan][環球]//2005-Stand Up[華星DSD版]//2005-Super Remix[環球]//2005-張國榮告別樂壇演唱會[環球復黑王]2CD//2005-愛火[華星DSD版]//2005-風再起時[留聲復刻]//2006-Hot summer[環球復黑王]
DVDXX13999--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(11) 2006-悠情歲月[引進版][DTS]//2006.蔡琴.HIFI頂級人聲天碟 2CD 24K德國金碟//2006.蔡琴.經典 2CD 24K德國版金碟//2006.蔡琴.華納NO.1 2CD//2006.蔡琴.試音//2007.蔡琴.不了情2007經典歌曲香港演唱會 2CD
DVDXX14002--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(14) 2008-舞臺30年 5CD[引進版][DTS-ES 6.1]//2009.蔡琴.愛像一首歌 德國版//2009.蔡琴.此情可待 XRCD//2009.蔡琴.海山經典名曲15首 HQCD//2009.蔡琴.海山經典名盤 LPCD45 2CD//2009.蔡琴.老歌 HQCD
New Atlantis Audio Project ECHO REASON REFiLL

Project ECHO contains a wide variety of one-of-a-kind sounds generated from spectral analysis of high resolution NASA satellite images. The material ranges from light and airy solo synth lines, to big, gaseous clouds of sound, to evolving ambient textures and soundscapes. There's even a fun selection of film dialog from a vintage public domain documentary on NASA's original Echo project.The ReFill is organized into 10 collections which represent the celestial bodies that spawned their sounds, each with their own distinct characteristics and musical feel. You’ll also find a handful of spacey playable Combinator instruments, including a Mission Control rack with over 5 octaves of playable vintage film dialog with effects. This unusual library is a great addition to any production that could use a dose of the atmospheric and otherworldly.

• 160 REX2 Loops

• 160 audio files

• 7 Combinators

• 367 MB of 24-bit audio content