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  商品編號: MED2063
  商品名稱: New Atlantis Audio Recoustics REASON REFiLL
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
DVDXX14003--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(15) 2009-金嗓子[引進版][DTS]//2009.蔡琴.如夢令//2009.蔡琴.老歌 XRCD//2010.蔡琴.情如夢//2010.蔡琴.情歌 HQCD//2010.蔡琴.時間的河 AQCD//2010.蔡琴.機遇·淡水小鎮原聲帶 K2HD+HQCD//2010.蔡琴.海山經典名曲15首 AQCD//2010.蔡琴.老歌 XRCD2//2010.蔡琴.金片子壹 天涯歌女 XRCD24+SHMCD//2010.蔡琴.金片子貳 魂縈舊夢 XRCD24+SHMCD//2010.鮑比達.蔡琴.遇見 SHMCD XRCD24 K2//2011.蔡琴.此情可待 LPCD4
DVDXX13998--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(10) 2004.蔡琴.抒琴時間 2CD//2004.蔡琴.最動聽的... 2CD//2004.蔡琴.銀色月光下 星世代首版//2004.蔡琴.銀色月光下演唱會 2CD 引進版//2005.蔡琴.往事 引進版//2005.蔡琴.昨夜 XRCD//2005.蔡琴.金裝蔡琴 XRCD//2005.蔡琴.銀色月光下 SACD
DVDXX13997--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(09) 2003.蔡琴.原聲 K2珍藏示范盤//2003.蔡琴.細聽 SQCD//2004.蔡琴.XRCD SPECIAL//2004.蔡琴.機遇·淡水小鎮原聲帶 SACD//2004.蔡琴.琴聲蕩漾 8CD//2004.蔡琴.龍的傳人 DTS 引進版
DVDXX13994--蔡琴全集無損音樂專輯(06) 1998.蔡琴.原聲帶 永恒老歌//1999.蔡琴.沒有男人的房子不算家//1999.蔡琴.精選蔡琴 2CD//1999.蔡琴.精選蔡琴 NEW XRCD 2CD//1999.蔡琴.飄浪之女 點將再版//2000.蔡琴.機遇 淡水小鎮原聲帶 咖啡色首版//2000.蔡琴.機遇 淡水小鎮原聲帶 綠色首版//2000.蔡琴.機遇 淡水小鎮原聲帶 黃色首版//2000.蔡琴.民歌 HDCD 24K金碟//2000.蔡琴.閩南語十年精選 吉馬引進版//2000.蔡琴.黃耀明.花天走地//2000.鮑比達.蔡琴.遇見 常喜首版
DVDXX14009--張國榮音樂合集1978-2007(01) 1978-DAYDREAMIN'[Polydor]//1979-情人箭[Polydor]//1983-一片癡[華星]//1983-風繼續吹[華星]//1984-LESLIE(MONICA)[華星]//1984-LESLIE[華星][Japan]//1985-全賴有你(夏日精選)[華星]//1985-全賴有你(夏日精選)[華星][Japan]//1985-為你鐘情[華星]//1985-為你鐘情[華星][Japan]//1986-Stand up[華星]//1986-愛火[華星][Japan]//1987-Dance & Remix 傳奇[新寶藝]//19
New Atlantis Audio Recoustics REASON REFiLL

oin us for peek inside the sampling archives of Berklee's Dr. Richard Boulanger, and the Open Path Music Custom Sample Library, where we focus on some sampled acoustic instruments from around the world.

Featuring expressive, playable racks and patches powered by a wide variety of traditional and exotic wind, stringed and tuned percussion instruments, Recoustics will inject some truly special sounds into your music and scoring projects. These aren't your typical bread-and-butter pop snoozers. They each have a unique and organic quality of their own that you won't find in mainstream commercial libraries. That's why we selected them, warts and all.

Inside, you'll find tuned percussion from the likes of a beautifully sampled Vibraphone, a variety of Asian Gongs, Toy Pianos, and more. There's even a bowed Glockenspiel! Toot away on some wind instruments from Asian Flutes to American horns and more. On the string front, you can pluck away at some uniquely-sampled acoustic guitars, Koto, Hammered Dulcimer and more. Be sure not to miss the awesomely expressive Upright Bass patches, complete with multiple velocity layers, slides and harmonics!

The material is designed to be mixed and matched for designing an endless number of your own instruments. They are sorted, pitched, mapped and ready for action. Use the included Combinators as a jumping off point for your own tweaking, mix and match the dry NN-XT's for unheard-of combinations of your own, and dig deep into the 260+MB of sample material for anything you can dream up. Want to pair up a Kalimba with a Flugelhorn, backed by a Tibetan Prayer Bowl  Go to town!

• 39 Combinators

• 44 NN-XT Patches

• 262mb Audio