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  商品編號: MED2054
  商品名稱: Particular Space Rangers Phrases WAV
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
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Particular Space Rangers Phrases WAV

Particular once again rocket into space, this time with Space Rangers - Phrases: analogue and digital loops of swirling melodic phrases, crunchy glitches and collapsing harmonics. Whether you produce any style of house, techno or chillout tracks, Space Rangers - Phrases will ornament your tracks with the bizarre and mesmerizing utterings of ancient waveforms and futuristic spectrums.

Created as a fusion between psychedelic electronica, ambient space music and glitchy IDM, the Phrases sub-package in the Space Rangers series is the farthest reaching into the concept - as much as possible devoid of any restrictions in terms of staying within a style. As with the earlier packs, the sound designer crew at Particular forged sequences of sounds from various analogue and digital modular systems, passed them through a setup of high quality outboard processors, and fed them back in again through yet another series of digital effect processors - creating endless variations with the twist of a knob. But this time nothing was forbidden. The weirder the better!

All loops are made for recombination, so layer and connect textures together to create new textures and call - response patterns. The length of the loops vary depending on the variation and motion in the sound, so cut, slice, realign and reassemble to meet your songs requirements. Swing, lag, push or any timing inherent, as well as pitch or chord, are yours to to manipulate and abuse.

In detail expect to find 172 phrase loops between 80 and 130 bpm. All in all 437 MB of 48 kHz 24 bit wavefiles.

Gear used: KYMA, SCOPE, Origin and Eurorack modular systems; Kurzweil KDFX system, Moog Slim Phatty, Oberheim OB-MX, Virus TI2, Genoqs Nemo sequencer, SSL X-Rack system, SSL G series compressor, Tonelux OTB16, API 2500, Elysia Xpressor, Kush Clariphonic, Rodec Restyler, and a whole armada of exotic VST effect plugins.

Tech Specs:

24 Bit 48kHz Quality



172 Phrase Loops

80 - 130BPM