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  商品編號: MED2052
  商品名稱: Particular Spectrality Temporal Impulses WAV
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
DVDXX14009--張國榮音樂合集1978-2007(01) 1978-DAYDREAMIN'[Polydor]//1979-情人箭[Polydor]//1983-一片癡[華星]//1983-風繼續吹[華星]//1984-LESLIE(MONICA)[華星]//1984-LESLIE[華星][Japan]//1985-全賴有你(夏日精選)[華星]//1985-全賴有你(夏日精選)[華星][Japan]//1985-為你鐘情[華星]//1985-為你鐘情[華星][Japan]//1986-Stand up[華星]//1986-愛火[華星][Japan]//1987-Dance & Remix 傳奇[新寶藝]//19
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BD2514007--蔡琴演唱會藍光原盤(2) 2007.蔡琴.金色大廳演唱會
Particular Spectrality Temporal Impulses WAV

Particular paint the world in color with Spectrality - Temporal Impulses; convolution patterns of granular mashups, twisted harmonic delays and modulation madness. Suitable for just any style craving fantasy and otherworldlyness - but for that extra fit, slap them onto something electronic. Created by plucking very short sounds on pianos, plastic buckets and windows to old fashioned synthesizers and guitars, sent through a diverse range of effects and then through some analogue goodness on it's way back. The result ranges from beautiful harmonic shimmerings to plain weirdness, and all in between.?The tempo might and might not, entirely depending on the material send into it, set boundaries to where the impulses belong. In fact, some files actually find you pockets of niceties in your groove if you really set out to misuse them from tempo perspective. Inherent pitch in the impulses is a different matter. Total alignment in pitch might cause recursive feedback - so watch your speakers - as well as just the right amount of dissonance might sound awesome! ?In detail expect to find 254 impulses in 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 bpm:s, all in all summing up to 573 MB of 48 kHz 24 bit wavefiles.