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  商品編號: MED2019
  商品名稱: Samplephonics Circuit Malfunction 音色素材
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
DVDXX13901--2001-2003年百家講壇音頻MP3 女人說話/地球成長史/冷眼看熱點/社會的源動力-經濟
DVDXX13944--世界歷史視頻 (全100集)(63-70集) 三次早期帝國主義戰爭/墨西哥資產階級民主革命/馬克思主義的誕生/第壹國際/巴黎公社/英帝國的興衰/美國的崛起/歐洲近代生活的變遷
DVDXX13911--2008年百家講壇音頻MP3 馬未都《馬未都說收藏》/眾人《千古中醫故事》/莫礪鋒《詩歌唐朝》/于丹《論語感悟》/正說清朝二十四臣之李連英/周汝昌《周汝昌眼中的四大名著》/周嶺《周嶺解密曹雪芹》閻崇年《康熙大帝》
DVDXX13906--2006年百家講壇音頻MP3 康震《唐詩的故事》/李昌集《從悲到喜說西廂》/紀連海《正說清朝二十四臣》/孫丹林《楹聯的故事》/翁思再《梅蘭芳》/喻大華《末代皇帝溥儀》
DVDXX13925--2015年百家講壇音頻MP3 唐博《清案探秘第一部/于賡哲等《中國故事—愛國篇》/錢文忠《錢文忠解讀百家姓第3部》/李寅《揭秘清代帝陵》/王雙懷《大唐貴妃》/方志遠《國史通鑒秦漢三國篇》/酈波《千古愛情》/酈波《大明脊梁張居正》
Samplephonics Circuit Malfunction 音色素材

.Circuit Malfunction. contains 1153 one-shot drum. percussion and effect samples

created from a large analogue modular synthesizer and various pieces of circuit

bent gear. The sounds are presented in Battery Kits. EXS24. Kontakt and NN-XT

sampler instruments.

This is the first one-shot drums library from Samplephonics. and one

been itching to get out for some time!

All samples have been created in the studio of sound designer and Electronic

musician. Ignatius and pain-stakingly edited to provide an extremely useful and

diverse selection of 24-Bit WAV drum samples. percussive sounds and one-shot FX.

The Kits are neatly organised so it.s easy to distinguish between clean analogue

drum hits and downright filthy modular effects. and files are intelligently named

to allow for one-shot sounds to be easily grabbed from the samples folder.

These royalty-free sounds can be used in a wide range of music. from experimental

Glitch to more popular genres such as House and Techno. Dubstep. and Drum & Bass.