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  商品編號: MED2010
  商品名稱: Samplephonics Tech House Loop Tools 音色素材
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $150元
DVDXX13940--世界歷史視頻 (全100集)(27-35集) 古代非洲黑人文明/美洲古代文明(上)/美洲古代文明(下)/古代中外文化交流(1)/古代中外文化交流(2)/歐洲人新航路的開辟與早期殖民/英國資本主義的起源/尼德蘭革命/三十年戰爭
DVDXX13902--2001-2003年百家講壇音頻MP3 相識數學 /華夏春秋志/論爭象牙塔/人的生與活/語言的方程/傳承的神韻/企業的方向盤-管理/董平《傳奇王陽明》
DVDXX13912--2008年百家講壇音頻MP3 王新陸《解讀中醫》/段懷清《四大愛情傳奇(梁祝等)》/趙英健《陵寢之謎》/曾仕強《胡雪巖的啟示》/易中天《先秦諸子百家爭鳴》/毛佩琦《大明第一謀臣劉伯溫》
DVDXX13914--2009年百家講壇音頻MP3 李煒光《正說包公》/王啟濤等《蜀地探秘》/傅佩榮《孟子的智慧》/姜安《戰國說客雙雄》/趙曉嵐《金戈鐵馬辛棄疾》/江英《回首開國大典》/酈波《風雨張居正》
DVDXX13925--2015年百家講壇音頻MP3 唐博《清案探秘第一部/于賡哲等《中國故事—愛國篇》/錢文忠《錢文忠解讀百家姓第3部》/李寅《揭秘清代帝陵》/王雙懷《大唐貴妃》/方志遠《國史通鑒秦漢三國篇》/酈波《千古愛情》/酈波《大明脊梁張居正》
Samplephonics Tech House Loop Tools 音色素材

Tech House Loop Tools is a must have collection of percussive drum and rhythm

loops for house. techno and garage/broken beat music producers.

These extremely detailed sounds have been in the making for over 2 years. and

are the first in a collection of loop tool sample libraries to be released by


The sounds have been processed through various pieces of gear to give a raw

finish and sense of realism to the loops. and the swung rhythms really help to

liven up and create movement in tracks destined for big sound systems.

Packed full of intricately produced toploops. drum loops and music grooves

locked at 125 BPM. the loops and samples are ideal for filling out a sparse mix.

building a drum groove or chopping up and pasting to create unique percussion


The sample pack is available to download in either Apple Loops or 24 Bit Wav.

and both come packaged with Rex2 Loops. All loops have been mastered to

perfection and are available to use in any production. 100% royalty free.