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  商品編號: DVDXX17607
  商品名稱: iSwift 4.2 MacOS Swift代碼轉換工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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iSwift 4.2 MacOS Swift代碼轉換工具
iSwift for Mac是一款Mac平台的Swift代碼轉換工具,可以幫助我們快速將Objective-C代碼轉換成Swift代碼,支持拖拽操作,簡介高效的界面就像是才做一款翻譯軟件一樣。

iSwift 4.0 | macOS | 
iSwift is the easiest way to convert your Objective-C code to Swift. Apple has developed the Swift programming language to provide a more intuitive resource for building both macOS and iOS application. Swift is intended to be more concise and easier to learn, so there is no doubt that, in time, it will completely replace Objective-C, even though at the moment both languages are supported

- Ultra fast: Automatic as-you-type conversion, so that you don't lose even a single second. Yep, instantly.
- Drag-and-drop: Drop your Objective-C source onto the app icon, import the file and have it instantly converted. Yep, just like that.
- Smart: Syntax highlighting, autocompletion, live syntax checking and error reporting, and lots of advanced editing options. (Powered by Peppermint)
- Friendly UI: A neat editor, your sources side-by-side and all that packed in a beautiful easy-to-use User

Compatibility: OS X 10.7 or later 64-bit