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  商品編號: DVDXX17350
  商品名稱: Quick Logo Designer 5.0 快速標誌設計
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Quick Logo Designer 5.0 快速標誌設計
Quick Logo Designer快速標誌設計可幫助您創建專業圖標提供方便。它提供了公司標誌,圖像和字型等,可供選擇的種類繁多。 內置2200個標誌設計和5000個矢量圖形是由專業的標誌設計創作並根據各行業分類。

Quick Logo Designer helps you to create professional logos with ease. It provides a vast range of company logos, images and fonts to choose from. The 2200 logo designs and 5000 vector graphics are designed by professional logo creators and categorized under various business sectors.

Easy Tools and Interface
Creating a logo either from scratch or starting from an existing logo is very simple due to the easy to use interface and simple editing tools. This makes Quick Logo Designer intuitive enough to learn in the first sitting without needing to read a large manual

Text Customization
Choose from various fonts styles and add to your logo. You can also use predefined text styles such as arc text, concave text & more which can be readily applied to text.

Image Import & Customization
Add custom images, change their positions in the logos and even rotate them; thus making your logos as per your needs.

Editing Tools
Edit logo with easy cut, copy, paste, copy properties,select all, rotate, flip and apply transparency to logo objects with single click!

Arrangement tools
Access arrangement tools- send backward and bring forward by one layer, group and ungroup, 6 alignment options, lock and hide and layers which will assist you in arranging your logo elements.

Coloring tools
Use 9 color palettes in CMYK and RGB, color picker or ready color styles for coloring logo objects.

2200 pre-designed templates
5000 graphic symbols
Industry-wise templates in 40 categories
Access recently opened projects
Create logo from template
Save logo
Save as template
Send as email
Add taglines
Publish for web
Publish for printing
Scale output
Access recently opened projects
Print logo
Quick tips

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