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  商品編號: DVDXX16736
  商品名稱: isee systems Stella Architect v1.5.2 高級建模和交互式模擬軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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isee systems Stella Architect v1.5.2 高級建模和交互式模擬軟件
Stella Architect是一款功能強大的高級建模和交互式模擬軟件,可用於創建專業仿真和演示的最終建模工具。無縫設計,構建和發佈模型,和他人隨時隨地分享。允許用戶創建可以隨時間模擬的系統圖。通過創建這些圖表,您可以更好地瞭解該系統的行為並確定需要改進的領域。Stella Architect可以基於仿真模型來創建優美,動態和引人注目的應用。這些應用可以是戰略訓練場或重要的教育工具。允許您在Stella模型之上構建豐富的飛行模擬器和學習環境,清楚地解釋模型概念並邀請用戶探索不同的假設並隨時查看結果。

Stella Architect is a definitive modeling tool for creating simulations and professional presentations. This software allows you to create massive simulations and create a learning environment on top of Stella models that clearly explains the concepts of the model. The Stella Architect UI can be published to the web, desktop or mobile devices. With a simple click, users can access your simulations from anywhere on any device with a web browser.

Supply chain management can be difficult and costly in the face of shortages of raw materials or external components, delays in delivery and demand. Even in most managed chains, supply can be widely diverted from demand, resulting in increased costs and lost opportunities. Creating a supply chain model allows you to detect and reduce the bottlenecks and weakest links in the chain. From production and inventory management to logistics, Stella Architect can help your supply chain.

Features of Stella Architect Software

Live mode: Discover policy concepts with a quick update
Submitted slides: Rapid presentation development for discovery and learning
Error Detection: Quickly find errors in equations and units
View Results: With this feature you can easily analyze the results of each single variable
Data Manager: Quickly compare data across multiple strings, archive settings and results and call them up
Multiple patterns: System dynamics integration, discrete event and some agent-based modeling in the same model

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