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  商品名稱: Midas Civil 2019 v1.1 通用的空間有限元分析軟件
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Midas Civil 2019 v1.1 通用的空間有限元分析軟件

Midas Civil 2019 version 1.1 (build 20180823) |
The MIDAS Civil product team has presented Civil 2019 (version 1.1), is state of the art engineering software that set a new standard for the design or bridges and civil structures.

Enhancements in Civil 2019 (v1.1) - Release Date: July 2018

The following features have been newly implemented.

Analysis & Design
- Traffic Load Models for Turkey
- Moving Load Optimization for Australia
- India IRS Bridge Rules: Railway Loads
- Nonlinear Elastic Links for Pushover Analysis
- GSD-Crack Width Calculation as per IRC 112: 2011
- AASHTO LRFD 2016 Update
- Shell Design
Pre & Post-Processing
- Energy Result Graph for Time History Analysis
- Strain Output for Material Nonlinear Analysis
- Multi-linear Force-Deformation Function for Point Spring Support and Elastic Link
- Rail Track Analysis Report with the US Unit Setting
- Data Interface with GTS NX
- Tekla Structure 2018 Interface

Midas is the most advanced structural engineering system, which has integrated the total process of structural engineering practice drawings. With the automation and optimization facility, it generates a comprehensive structural drawings, structural calculation reports and quantity takeoffs, which helps the engineers reduce time required to produce high quality design deliverable and gain productivity.

Midas Civil is state of the art engineering software that set a new standard for the design or bridges and civil structures. It features a distinctively user friendly interface and optimal design solution functions that can account for construction stages and time dependent properties. Its highly developed modeling and analysis functions enable engineers to overcome common challenges and inefficiencies of finite element analysis. With midas Civil, you will be able to create high quality designs with unprecedented levels of efficiency and accuracy.

- User-friendly GUI – The user-oriented input/output functions are based on sophisticated and intuitive User Interface and up-to-date Computer Graphics techniques. They offer excellent facilities and productivity for the modeling and analysis of complex, large-scale structures.
- Intuitive Modeling – Midas Civil enables us to readily create nodes and elements as if we were drawing drawings using the major functions of CAD programs. Powerful automatic modeling functions such as Auto Mesh Generation and various Bridge Wizards are introduced.
- Complete Analysis Options – Midas Civil provides linear and nonlinear structural analysis capabilities. A large collection of finite elements has been implemented for applications in civil and building structures.
- Powerful Post-Processor – The post-processor can automatically create load combinations in accordance with specified design standards. Changing the type of display can produce various forms of graphic output. Practically all the results can be animated, namely, mode shapes, time history results of displacements and member forces, dynamic analysis results and static analysis results.
- Auto Design and Load Rating – Midas Civil provides various design check and load rating features including:
Eurocode & AASHTO LRFDBending, shear & torsional strengthsComposite plate girder designMember forces & stresses for eachconstruction stage and max & min stress summationsAutomatic generation of load combinations in accordance with various design codesMS Excel format calculation report

PC Composite and PSC Box Girder Bridge Design as per Eurocode

MIDAS IT.develops and distributes engineering software and provides total solution service for civil and mechanical engineering and construction. We hold the world's top technology in the core engineering analysis fields such as computer graphics simulation, advanced analysis and optimal design. MIDAS Family Programs have been applied to all the engineering and industrial applications for the safety and economic feasibility analysis and they holds the largest market share in the world's construction field. MIDAS has the vision to grow as the global engineering solution developer and distributor. MIDAS will continuously devote itself to create the standard technology of the world.

MIDAS IT has accomplished impracticable tasks, overcoming the difficult environment of the CAE industry in Korea. By using engineering simulation technology based on our own techniques through high-tech graphics, we have been developing as the biggest company that offers CAE software solution to the world.

Product: Midas Civil
Version: 2019 version 1.1 (build 20180823)
Supported Architectures: x64
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Language: english
System Requirements: PC *
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