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教程-Learning JMeter 5.0-MP4
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Run tests, create reports, and analyze your app's performance with JMeter. Take remedial action to improve its performance

Test your software's performance easily with JMeter! Load-test, monitor performance in real-time, create reports, and more. Apache JMeter offers a powerful and extendable testing solution for your applications. With this course, you will use JMeter to test both the performance and functionality of any required online asset-web services, databases, FTP, or web servers-using a single tool.

You'll even learn to test applications that run in the cloud. Distributed load testing has historically been an expensive and painful process when comes to very high workloads with an enormous number of users using multiple systems. JMeter to the rescue! Firstly, JMeter is an open-source tool and is thus free. Secondly, JMeter is able to send metrics to the database, so you may start any number of JMeter instances and get all results stored in one place- Influxdb and visualized in Grafana. JMeter is made up of components. You will use those components to plan and perform tests, using realistic demo scenarios. You will learn to monitor your app's performance in real-time and create test reports.

By the end of the course, you will be world-class at using JMeter in the real world.

What You Will Learn

Working with JMeter components to devise a test for your application's performance
Create tests by recording component interactions and take remedial action
The complete process of load-testing a web application to test your app's load handling ability
Test responses from an API against the expected behavior to analyze how an app works as a whole
Using collected metrics to generate reports for your organization about your app's performance
Testing your app on different parameters to get accurate performance report for your client