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  商品編號: DVD10624
  商品名稱: DeskArtes Dimensions Expert x64
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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DeskArtes Dimensions Expert x64
Dimensions Expert是一個簡單,經濟的和友好的修補STL文件工具.

今天,大多數的CAD系統可以輸出良好的的STL數據或數據有輕微誤差。 3D打印用戶面臨的最常見的問題是構建區域大小與STL模型尺寸。 DeskArtes尺寸專家給你的工具,可自動修復並分裂成獨立的部分,STL數據準確地將它們組合構建後。 這通常是用軟件更昂貴的五到十倍。

包括一切必要和易於使用的工具,從任何STL模型可建STL部分,無論可能出現的問題的最後一部分或大小尺寸專家。 模型驗證工具告訴你,如果模型的正確與否。 在錯誤的情況下,自動和手動修復工具,可以用來解決這些問題。 修復後的分裂工具為您的機器建成區到一個合適大小的塊,可以用來切割模型。定位工具可以被用來定位到想要的部分,然後將它們發送到3D印刷機器建立地區。

尺寸的專家,像所有新的專家系列產品,包括一個新的插件接口。 插件界面,讓您產生直接鏈接到您最喜愛的3D印刷或添加劑Manufactuing系統的。 一旦定義,插件命令允許您發送接收系統,一個鼠標點擊修復的3D模型。

尺寸專家提供有效的和用戶友好的維修工具,三角模型。 模型從不同的CAD系統,帶或不帶顏色,可以有效地修復使用自動和手動兩種命令的添加劑製造。

當三角模型的準備和修復AM過程,很多時候,還有一個問題。 該模型可能不適合到印刷過程中使用的3D構建區域。 尺寸專家分裂和連接工具允許您分割和連接部分半後準確建立

DeskArtes Dimensions Expert 11.x (x86/x64) 
Dimensions Expert is a simple, economical and user friendly tool for STL repair and splitting for machines with a smaller build area. Dimensions Expert suites professional Additive Manufacturing users and hobbyists alike.

Today, most CAD systems can output good STL data or data with minor errors. The most common problem 3D Printing users are facing is the build area size versus the STL model dimensions. DeskArtes Dimensions Expert gives you the tools to automatically repair and to split the STL data into separate pieces and accurately combine them after the build. This is typically achieved with software five to ten times more expensive.

Save time and money by using Dimensions Expert for STL manipulation.
Dimensions Expert includes all necessary and easy to use tools to get from any STL model to a buildable STL part, regardless of the possible problems or size of the final part. Model verification tools tell you if the model is correct or not. In case of errors, automatic and manual repair tools can be used to fix them. After fixing the splitting tools can be used to cut the model into a suitable sized pieces for your machine build area. Positioning tools can then be used to position the parts into wanted build areas before sending them to the 3D Printing machine.

Send models directly to printing through Plugin interfaces.
Dimensions Expert, like all new Expert Series products, include a new Plugin interface. Plugin interface allows you to generate direct links to your favorite 3D Printing or Additive Manufactuing systems. Once defined, Plugin commands allow you to send repaired 3D models to receiving system with a single mouse click.

Repair faceted 3D models
Dimensions Expert offers effective and user friendly repair tools for triangulated models. Models from different CAD systems, with or without colors, can be effectively repaired using both automatic and manual commands for Additive Manufacturing.

Split and connect large models
When the triangulated model is ready and repaired for AM processes, many times one problem still remains. The model may not fit into to the build area of the 3D Printing process in use. Dimensions Expert splitting and connection tools allow you to split and connect part halves accurately after the build.

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