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  商品編號: DVD10594
  商品名稱: Bulk Image Downloader Multilingual
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Bulk Image Downloader Multilingual
Bulk Image Downloader是一款下載、保存圖片的工具。從具有縮略圖的圖片網站下載,可以跳過煩人的彈窗與廣告。它也可以從文本文件(如已保存的網頁文件或帶有鏈接的文本文件)或網頁中提取圖片信息。支持幾乎所有熱門圖片網站,且內置圖片查找AI可以查找到最高分辨率的圖片文件,無論網頁如何排布。與Internet Explorer,Firefox和Opera通過右鍵菜單整合,提供更方便的下載功能。

Bulk Image Downloader 4.x 

Bulk Image Downloader is a specialized tool designed to automatically download and save images from thumbnailed image galleries, bypassing all annoying popups and adverts. It can also extract image information from regular text files (such as saved html pages or plain text files containing links) and web pages where image links are listed as plain text. Almost all popular image hosting sites are supported and the built in image locator AI can locate the full sized image in most web pages no matter what the layout. It integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera via the right click context menu for even easier downloading.

* Downloads entire image galleries automatically (no more endless right clicking to “save image as…”)
* Downloads thumbnailed video files (.mpg, .avi. .mov, etc)
* Integrates with IE, FireFox and Opera. Just right click on a gallery page or gallery link and select “Download with Bulk ImageDownloader”
* No complicated configuration or project files needed – it just works
* Works on sites that the other image downloaders don’t
* Automatically locates and downloads images that have had their true locations hidden by redirection “services” such as usercash, spammer, etc.
* Saves time – galleries are downloaded as fast as your connection will allow
* Saves bandwidth – adverts and popups are not downloaded, just the images
* Validates and automatically retries partial or corrupt images, resuming downloads where possible
* Automatically detects and downloads from most multi page forum threads and galleries
* Downloads vbulletin forum attached images
* Multiple gallery download jobs can be queued and downloaded at a later time via the integrated Queue Manager!

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