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  商品編號: DVD10483
  商品名稱: The Foundry Nuke Studio 11.2v5 Win x64/MacOS
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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The Foundry Nuke Studio 11.2v5 Win x64/MacOS
NUKE是一個獲得學院獎(Academy Award)的數碼合成軟件。已經經過10年的歷練,為藝術家們提供了創造具有高質素的相片效果的圖像的方法。NUKE無需專門的硬件平台,但卻能為藝術家提供組合和操作掃瞄的照片,視頻板以及計算機生成的圖像的靈活、有效、節約和全功能的工具。在數碼領域,NUKE已被用於近百部影片和數以百計的商業和音樂電視,NUKE具有先進的將最終視覺效果與電影電視的其餘部分無縫結合的能力,無論所需應用的視覺效果是什麼風格或者有多複雜。

Nuke合成軟件參與製作的著名影視有:《後天/末日浩劫The Day After Tomorrow 》,I, Robot 機械公敵、《極限特工》xXx、《泰坦尼克號》、T-2、《阿波羅13》、《真實的謊言》、《X戰警》、《金剛》等

The Foundry Nuke Studio 11.2v5 Win x64/MacOS

Nuke®, NukeX® and Nuke Studio® offer cutting-edge toolkits for node-based compositing, editorial and review. The Nuke family’s unparalleled flexibility and collaborative workflows help you get the highest quality results-fast.

Compositing and much more
All the tools you need to get the job done, no matter how you’re working. From advanced node-based compositing, to 3D tracking and model building, to editorial and conform, the Nuke range can scale to suit your needs.

Highest quality results
Used by many of the best VFX houses in the industry, the Nuke family’s state-of-the-art tools make producing pixel perfect, film-grade results both painless and creatively satisfying.

Power and performance
Built to meet the needs of modern production work, the Nuke family offers unparalleled levels of power and performance, whether you’re a team with a deadline or tackling a solo project.

Collaborative workflow
Efficient, collaborative workflows lie at the heart of the Nuke range. Easily communicate, share and work together with others, whether you’re sitting side by side or across the globe.