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  商品編號: BD2516099
  商品名稱: Ni VeriStand 2019 include Drivers x64(藍光) 軟件環境測試工具
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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Ni VeriStand 2019 include Drivers x64(藍光) 軟件環境測試工具

VeriStand應用軟件可幫助您為NI實時硬件配置I/O通道、數據記錄、激勵生成和主機通信。您還可以導入仿真模型和控制算法,通過可配置的警報來響應事件,並通過宏錄制、TestStand、.NET和其他軟件實現測試自動化。您可以使用運行時可編輯的用戶界面,監測應用程序數據、警報狀態和系統執行指標,並進行交互。雖然使用VeriStand不需要掌握編程知識,但您也可以使用各種編程軟件環境(如LabVIEW、ANSI C/C ++、Python和ASAM XIL)來為VeriStand添加自定義功能。

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VeriStand application software helps you configure I/O channels, data logging, stimulus generation, and host communication for NI real-time hardware. You can also import simulation models and control algorithms, respond to events with configurable alarms, and enable test automation with macro recording, TestStand, .NET, and other software.

You can interact with and monitor application data, alarm states, and system execution metrics using a run-time editable user interface. Although you don't need programming knowledge, you can also use a variety of software environments such as LabVIEW, ANSI C/C++, Python, and ASAM XIL to add custom functionality to VeriStand.

VeriStand helps test engineers reduce the time they need to test their products with a wide range of functionality including configurable data acquisition, simulation model integration, test sequencing, and logging. Learn more about how you can use VeriStand to develop, deploy, and run your real-time tests..........